A foreperson of BTK 4 became the “Young Person of the Year” in South Ossetia

A foreperson of BTK 4 became the “Young Person of the Year” in South Ossetia

On December 26, in Tskhinval, the results of the annual national award “Young Person of the Year – 2018” were announced. Our colleague Valeria Sanakoyeva, a foreperson of the sewing factory BTK-4 became the winner in the nomination “Production Worker”

“This was for the first time ever that we were invited by the Government of the Republic to take part in the competition. We unanimously decided that our company should be presented by the forewoman of the eighth work team, Valeria Sanakoyeva. She has been working at BTK for five years and is held in high respect of seamstresses, technologists and administrative staff,” said the director of the sewing factory, Inal Tubeev.

He noted that he did not doubt the master’s victory, while Valeria herself could not even imagine that she could win the title “Person of the Year”, “For me, the results of the award were a complete surprise, because among the participants of the competition there were many worthy candidates, true professionals in their field,” the winner admits.

It should be also mentioned that Valeria was born in the family of Valery Vladimirovich Sanakoyev, a well-known artist in South Ossetia, and Polina Georgievna Sanakoeva. In 2013, she graduated from the law faculty of the South Ossetian State University and spent about a year looking for a job in the specialty. “I just couldn’t wait any longer, and then I decided that I would go to work at the sewing factory. I loved sewing since my childhood, however, I never worked with a sewing machine. I had to learn everything just from scratch. It was not easy, but after three months, I was allowed to the production process,” – she says.

After working for a year in a sewing shop, Ms. Sanakoyeva moved to the technical control department, where she was a supervisor for two years, and then got promoted to a foreperson: “I believe that this happened only thanks to the management of the company, experienced craftsmen, technologists who support young people and help us grow and develop in the profession.”

By the way, legal education did play an important role in the current activity of the master. Valeria is sure that studying at the university has developed the qualities that every manager should have: “First of all, I mean patience, consideration to other people, ability to manage anger. This is very important for a foreperson, because I am responsible not only for the daily production plan or discipline, but also for the mood of the team, which determines the production efficiency as well.”

We would also note that in her free time, Valeria enjoys visual arts, drawing fairy-tale characters. At the same time, the foreperson admits that she almost never stops thinking about colleagues and the company.

“At first, BTK-4 was my salvation, and today the factory is my second home. At the moment, it is garment manufacture that my life is devoted to. I think of nothing but work and my favorite work team number eight. This may seem strange, but for me, it is more than just a job, I think, it is like for most people employed with the enterprise,” Valeria concluded.


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