Our Company successfully cooperate with more than 2.5 thousand of suppliers and partners both in the Russian Federation and abroad. The range of purchased goods and services includes more than 100 thousand stock items of fabrics, trimming, production and auxiliary equipment, spare parts and consumables, services on maintenance and repair, as well as other types of goods and services necessary for successful operation of the Company’s production and commercial departments.

You can get information on the competitive selections from the Procurement office employees or at the “b2b center” electronic trading platform, where a number of our competitive selections are located.

We are open to new partnership relations and will be happy to review your proposals for cooperation, which we kindly ask you to send to the email address suppliers@btkholding.ru.

Contact information for communication with the Procurement office team: Procurement of raw materials and supplies – fabrics, trimming, supplementary materials. Procurement of services, non-production goods and finished products. Department of transport and warehouse logistics.

Supplier form. List of documents for accreditation. Regulations on the competitive selection of counterparties. Counterparty Code.